Sunday, 7 September 2014


After 2 years of creating recipes and blogging them every single week, I feel like this project has come to an end. I’ve achieved what I wanted to, an online cookbook which has over 100 recipes, and ones that I’ll continue to make and be proud of. This past month I’ve been mega busy finishing my MA, whilst working and volunteering and trying to create a recipe started to feel like another thing I had to keep up with, another deadline to meet, and that’s not what I wanted from this. I’ve since finished my MA and I’m now looking for a full time job, so I feel like soon I’ll (hopefully) be onto a different stage in life. It’s not to say I won’t blog again in the future, I’m already considering setting blog pages for The Ginger Bread Dad, or the The Ginger Bread Grandad.

A massive thank you for your support, I’ve met some great cyber friends along the way and I’ll keep open the twitter account so I can still admire your food ventures and occasionally tweet what I’m eating without the pressure of crafting a recipe out of it. This site will also stay open and exist as the online cookbook that I wanted it to be. Getting my recipe published in olive, and winning ‘Best Young Blogger’ at the 2013 ‘Blog North Awards’ amongst my greatest achievements in life. I will also greatly miss pretending to be a 1950s film star.


Wil- formerly The Ginger Bread Lad