Tuesday, 15 July 2014


This is a mega speedy dessert, made in my favourite miniature frying pan, but if you want to make one to feed a few people just triple the recipe I’d say. It’s like a pastry-less almond-y custard tart, but filled with juicy tart apricots. A sweet frittata. It takes no time but tastes like it took a long time. Win.  

1 egg
Splash of milk
1 tbsp golden caster sugar
3 tbsp amaretto liqueur
3 apricots, sliced in half, stones removed
Tiny knob of butter and ½ tsp golden caster sugar for frying

In a small bowl mix beat together the egg, milk, sugar and 2 tbsps of the amaretto to make a smooth batter for the frittata.

Preheat the grill ready for browning the top of the frittata. Melt the butter over a low flame in a miniature frying pan with ½ tsp of sugar. Add the apricots, halved faces down first off and fry for about 20 seconds. Flip them over, so the halves are facing upwards then add 1 tbsp of the amaretto and fry for about 20-30 seconds.

Pour over the batter and swish around the pan a little. Allow to set, swishing occasionally for about 2-3 minutes until there only remains a little bit of thin batter in the pan. At this point place under the grill (leaving the handle outside) to brown, rise and set the rest of the batter. It will probably take about 1 minute to set.

Once ready, slide off the pan onto a little place and enjoy this mini sweet take on a savoury classic. 

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  1. What a brilliant idea. Looks delicious, thanks for sharing!