Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Don’t worry, not all recipes in 2014 will be this scaled down, but for now I couldn’t imagine enjoying a giant pudding after the Christmas binge so I’ve tried to make sweetness more manageable. As it happens, these cheesecake-like desserts would be great for having mates round, maybe as a teaser dessert since they take no effort and look really cool. They’re not just smaller sample, they’re also lighter in general, using amaretti biscuits instead of digestive and crème fraiche instead of cream cheese. Spiked with a little almond liqueur though, they make for a mega rich few spoonfuls, just enough to satisfy without being sickly. These are a shot you will be able to face after New Year’s Eve. Just don't put them on your head after.

4 amaretti biscuits
4 tbsp crème fraiche
2 tbsp icing sugar
2 tsp amaretto (almond liqueur)

Makes 4

Crush the amaretti biscuits and sprinkle into the bottom of 4 shot glasses, leaving a few crumbs to decorate each top with. Press down slightly to compact them together. Mix the crème fraiche with the icing sugar and stir until silky then spike with the amaretto. Spoon this mixture into each glass, all way to the top, then sprinkle over the remaining crumbs. Pop into the fridge to firm up a little until you want to serve them. 

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  1. Hello Wil, i hope you're well. Me? A little hurt but that's to be expected. I love the idea of Amaretto shot pots as amaretto gets me quite light headed. They are devilishly gorgeous and your presentation is fantastic. Or as they say where im from 'fantastic'. Im hoping we can have several Amaretto shot pots together and get quite giddy. It would be my absolute honor to try them with my best friend. Maybe we can become closer? I can only hope. Tatty bye for now Wil. Until next time my gorgeous ginger bread man