Monday, 9 December 2013


I think fudge is the best gift to give to someone. It’s delicious, surprisingly easy to make, sturdy and keeps for quite a while. Speaking of surprisingly easy, it actually is. I thought this one might have been a disaster, and I thought of different ways I could make it, but I didn't’t really want to go down the melting marshmallow route, or the route where you have to keep frozen. This is just a boil and stir job, it takes time but hardly any effort. I made this recipe for my uni friend to sell at a Christmas stall, where she was raising money for sands charity, a very worthy cause. They sold well, and I’m making them again to share in my seminar at uni, for the last one of the best module ever. When I make my own recipe twice, so close together, that’s when I know it’s a good one. She’s a keeper.

50g butter
150g caster sugar
150ml milk
80g white chocolate
30g dried cranberries

Makes between 24 and 30 pieces (depending on the size you cut them).

Grease and line a small tin with a little bit of oil. Put the butter, sugar and milk in a small saucepan and gently bring to boil, stirring continuously throughout. Once boiling, gently simmer, whilst still stirring, for about 15-20 minutes. It will not thicken right until the last minute, so don’t be alarmed if it seems really watery.

To test the mixture is ready, spoon a little bit out and drop it into a glass of cold water. If you can reach into the glass, roll the mixture into a squidgy ball that you can press flat, then it is ready. This is called soft ball stage, but I didn’t want to frighten you with an unexplained technical term, which really is really quite simple.

Once at this stage, turn off the heat and throw in the chocolate and cranberries. Mix a little until the chocolate is melted then begin to beat rigorously, until the mixture thickens so it clings to the spoon, and loses its gloss.

Spoon into the tin and leave to set, just as it is, don’t put it in the fridge. It should take about 1-2 hours to set properly, and when firm, but a tiny bit squidgy, cut into chunks and enjoy.

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