Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Call me mad for firstly attempting something other than a mince pie, and secondly uploading a mincemeat recipe on Christmas Eve. Well, I invented these not to rival the mince pie (that’s impossible) but for something different, and for my grandad who can’t eat pastry. As for the Christmas Eve upload, I’ve always treated this blog as an online recipe book, so these beauties will be stored on here until next year.

These little sponges are spiked and filled with mincemeat and actually look quite charming as well. I didn’t have time to make my own mincemeat (don’t judge) but you can find a good recipe anywhere really. There’s a good one on my favourite, non baking blog, Miss Jojangles. I’ve been meaning to shout out this blog for a while, since Jojo helped me with the mind boggling world of HTML so that I could have that cool font on my link buttons and no borders on my pictures. If you’re into crafts, it’s a blog for you, and even if you’re not (I don’t have the attention span, or talent for any craft) Jojo’s writing is mega entertaining. I really need to write my recipe instruction like she does, kitchen disasters n’all. My favourite post was her appreciation of my Fat Rascals, mainly because it talks about a mega dream of hers I was in. I’ll say no more, go look at this gem for yourself.

250 butter
250g unrefined sugar
4 eggs
250g self raising flour
4 tbsp mincemeat (plus 6 heaped tsps for the filling)
Zest and juice of 1 lemon
Splash of milk

Makes 6

Heat the oven to fan 160/180c/4. Grease 2, 6 holed Yorkshire pudding tins (the reasonably flat ones) or whatever tins you have, depending on what size you want the cakes.

Cream together the butter and sugar until soft and fluffy. Alternate beating in the eggs and flour, then spoon in the mincemeat and mix well. Zest in the lemon, then squeeze in the juice and stir. Loosen with the milk if the batter is a bit too thick.

Spoon the batter equally into the tins then bake for 15-20 minutes, until golden and springy.  Transfer onto a wire rack to cool, but while still warm, cut a star shape out of 6 of the sponges. You can either eat, or make something else out of the stars. To assemble, take the other 6 halves and spoon a heaped tsp of mincemeat onto each and spread a little. Top with the star punctured sponges and dust with icing sugar. 
Merry Crimbo! 


  1. Oh mince cake that's a nice idea.....I'm not a dried fruit person but these are enough to turn even me! i LOVE pic you always set your pics out so nice....the tray is really cool you didn't by any chance get that online did u?The star cut out is a cute touch.

    1. Thank you. Mince meat is a lot nicer than normal dried through, it's almost mushy :) and the tray is from tk max, my mam brought it home one day so I use it for the pics from time to time. Merry Xmas!