Tuesday, 17 September 2013


A bit of a different post today, and I’m not too keen on different because I like to keep the blog organised, a recipe a week is the strict system I try to stay to. But today is special. The blog is one year old today and it’s been a mint venture. I’m proud of all the recipes on here; I can’t believe that they old turned out right (being honest they all didn’t, but those ones did not make the blog). It struck me one day that what I’m doing must be working because I actually make my own recipes when people come round now- I have my own go-to bakes, and that makes me feel proud.

That's a pic of me and some buds in celebration mode (on a mates holiday in Spain earlier this year). A little more blurry eyed than suitable for a 1st birthday.

To celebrate I thought I’d post my favourite recipes, and some other things I’ve been doing separate to the blog.
My favourite recipe to impress

My favourite and most delicious recipe for having mates round

The recipe I was surprised worked/my favourite photograph

My favourite family recipe

My favourite spruce up of an old Yorkshire recipe


My favourite festive recipe

In other news I’ve taken my food writing further than the blog. I was published in olive, which actually is my ultimate favourite recipe. I’ve also started writing student recipes for my university newspaper (Leeds Student). You can read my first feature for them here , including this chorizo burger (yep, I can do savoury as well).  One more thing, just recently I was emailed by StudentCom who have asked me to be their food writer, and they want me as the ginger bread lad. So not only have my recipes and writing impressed, my persona has as well. I'll post my features on twitter as soon as they go live.

Here’s to many more years of the ginger bread lad, and hopefully more impact from me in the world of food writing. If you want me for anything, get in touch, I’m thirsty for the experience.

To finish I thought I’d sneak peek the latest thing I’ve been working on for Leeds Student, a pre-drinks feature which seems fitting for the celebratory post. Cool and Fiery tequila and Lemonade. CHEERS!

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