Thursday, 5 September 2013


A while ago I had a recipe on here for banoffee dessert, which tasted great but as a recipe I wasn’t fully happy with it so it got deleted. In it though it had my banoffee brittle invention, which was the best part of the recipe, and gave much needed life and flavour to those dried bananas they sometimes put in pet food that alone taste no more pleasant than cardboard. So I decided to revamp the whole banoffee theme and make a rich and silky banana mousse, marbled with dulce de leche (the best ready-made product for recipes) and stick the banoffee brittle on top for contrast in texture. This one is now worthy on a blog post.

For the banoffee brittle
75g golden, unrefined sugar (has a much more toffee-like flavour)
50g dried bananas, chopped into chips

For the mousse
3 ripe bananas
400ml double cream
50g icing sugar
Splash of vanilla extract
397g tin of dulce de leche (or carnation caramel)

Makes 4-6, depending on size of glass.
To make the brittle melt the sugar in a pan and once light brown and just beginning to bubble, turn of the heat and add the chopped dried bananas, swirly to disperse. Pour onto a baking sheet, spread out and leave to set.

Blend the bananas with 1tbsp of the cream, until thick and gooey. Whip up the cream and sugar, with the splash of vanilla, until it starts to form definite peaks. Stir in the blended banana and mix well. Add about half on the dulce de leche and this stage and mix so there is a light marble affect. Chop/smash the banoffee brittle into chip-size pieces.

You can now assemble the mousses. Fill each glass just under half way with the mousse, then top with a tsp of dulce de leche, and stir a tiny bit to add more of a definite marble. Add a layer of the brittle, then top again with the mousse, dulce de leche and finish with a final crunchy topping of the brittle. Repeat until all your glasses are full.

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