Friday, 13 September 2013


Before you scroll down to the picture and expect to see a light orange, sandwiched macaroon, I’ll warn you, these are not them sorts of macaroons! I call them macarons anyway, and these are the more beastly looking ones, that are usually coconut flavoured. I prefer these, not just because I can’t make the others (I have had a massive disaster that I don’t wish to share) but they’re less hassle, and have a lot more substance. Think a giant biscuit with a tough exterior that gives to a squishy, almond centre when bitten. And just to perk these beauties up a bit more, I’ve about half a teaspoon of apricot jam to each. Give me these over the plastic looking ones any day.  

The whites of 2 large eggs
200g ground almonds

275g caster sugar
1 tsp almond liquor or extract

4-5 tbsp apricot jam
Makes- 8
Preheat oven to fan 180/200c/6. Line 2 small baking trays with parchment.
Begin by beating the egg whites until frothy and expanded. Blitz the ground almonds in a food processer, then begin to alternate adding the sugar and egg whites (the latter of which you might not need all of). When the mixture just begins to form a dough when pressed, add the almond extract and mix again.

Shape the mixture into 8 balls then press down on the tray. Push into the centre of each with your thumb to make a dent where the jam will sit. Smooth out any cracked edges from the thumb marks before baking for 16-18 minutes, with a piece of baking paper sat on top of the tray so they don’t catch too much.
When baked, the macaroons should be golden brown on the outsides but still feel like they will give a little. Whilst got, add about half a tsp of apricot jam to the dent in each macaroon so that it can melt a little into the surface. Dust with icing sugar to serve.

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