Saturday, 31 August 2013


Massive news! My favourite ever recipe is published in this months olive magazine, on the back page. It’s a recipe for my lager and lime cake, a cake which I invented well over a year ago and was going to save until this summer to post. I was too proud of the cake to let it be just another post though (my views aren’t huge) and everyone who tasted it loved it, so I wanted it to go on to bigger things.

 Olive tested it as part of their cake feature, loved it, photographed it loads better than I did and put it in the issue, with a small picture of me. Plus they hardly edited any of my writing, which I was pleased about (not that I would have minded at all, it just indicates I’m doing food writing right).

You can all go buy the magazine for the recipe as I’m not sure where I now stand on posting it, but olive is a brilliant publication anyway, jam packed with mega-good recipes that I make all the time.
As for the cake itself, it’s one I make all the time if family/mates ever come round, and it’s great for casual socialising or a BBQ. My mate Jordan (the one who takes the mick out of my introduction, and blog in general) said it was the best thing he’s ever tasted. This is coming from a boy who, in food technology at school made parkin which exploded in the oven, as if it was laced with gun powder, and was left with a 5mm lining of cake around the tin as a result. He likes to call it parkin ala-JK-explotique. So I’m not sure how confident I was of his opinion, but olive liked it as well so it must be worth something.

Here is the original photo I took. Go buy, go make, and go enjoy!


  1. I'm trying this one. Very intrigued about the flavor combo! Congrats on the publication!

    1. Cheers! it really does work, it will surprise you :)

  2. Congratulations :)

    The cake looks fantastic! I must go and buy a copy of Olive :)


  3. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm off to buy my copy at lunch.