Thursday, 27 June 2013


One of my twitter friends, Becky from, wondered if I was going to do a Wimbledon inspired recipe, being the tennis freak I am. It may be tenuous, but here it is- ice cream that is white and green like the balls/grass. The main challenge was creating something which would be as good as the tennis this year, because it’s flipping good, but so is this ice cream. You don’t need a machine to make it, don’t even have to churn throughout freezing, and it’s a beautiful tasting thing, specked with the subtle nuttiness of the pistachios.

100g white chocolate
600ml double cream
100g pistachios, removed from shell
200g condensed milk
Splash of vanilla extract
Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of boiling water then stir in 100ml of the double cream, mixing until unified in colour and liquid. Leave to cool.
Put the pistachios in a blender along with 5tbsps of the cream and blitz until you have a bitty green paste.
Beat together the rest of the cream, condensed milk and vanilla until it thickens and begins to get to medium peak stage. Mix in the melted chocolate and cream then add the pistachios, whipping them around the mixture to ensure they’re fully dispersed. Pour into a container and freeze for up to 6 hours (soft scoop) or overnight.

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