Friday, 7 June 2013


I’m bringing you something a little more continental here, but true to form still using the best of British ingredients. A granita is like an icy sorbet, but much easier to make and much lighter (win-win), so its brilliant for these mega hot days we’re currently getting. The beauty of this recipe is if you stop half way you’ve got a great, fresh strawberry rhubarb cordial. Allow to freeze and you get the super refreshing granita.

200g strawberries, hulled
600g (about 4 sticks) rhubarb, washed and roughly chopped
100g light brown sugar
600ml water

Put all the ingredients in a large pan and bring to boil so that the strawberries and rhubarb begin to stew. Simmer until completely broken down and the liquid is a pale red. Turn off the heat and pour into a container through a sieve and leave the fruit to strain, unforced, in the fridge for a good few hours (I left it overnight).

If you stop here at the recipe you have yourself a great cordial.

Once the liquid is fully strained transfer into a different container (for speed reasons, shallower the better) and freeze. After one hour, stir the fruit juice with a fork to break up any ice crystals, and freeze again, repeating the stirring process every hour until frozen and set but still scoop-able.

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