Tuesday, 16 October 2012


I was going to save this recipe for a more summery time, but due to popular demand (well one person- but a significant person, Jason from last year’s bake off who shared my blog on his twitter after I shamelessly plugged it on his blog) I’m adding it now. Its a new take on the classic brownie made using the equally classic combination of strawberry and white chocolate. Being completely honest, how these came about is proper stupid. I was thinking about brownies and blondies and thought there is nothing for ginger people. Then I thought that all ginger people (including myself) go through the period of denying they’re ginger and saying ‘its strawberry blonde’… and that’s how it happened. I know it’s a completely invalid argument considering all the recipes which use ginger as a staple, like parkin which incidentally is coming next week, more fitting of the season. 
100g butter
250g white chocolate
200g golden caster sugar
3 eggs
150g plain flour
150g strawberries, hulled

Makes- 12

Preheat oven fan180°/200c/4
Line and grease a 20x20cm brownie tin Melt together butter and chocolate over a bain-marie, then transfer to a larger bowl and mix in the sugar, eggs and flour. Pour this mixture into brownie tin and set to one side.

Blend the strawberries into a liquid and pour this over the brownie mixture. Pull a skewer back and forth through the mixture until the blended strawberries create a marbled effect against the pale blonde mix.
Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until strawberry blondes are firm, but still maintain a little gooeyness, the best brownies are always a little underdone. Leave to cool, then cut into 12 squares and enjoy.



  1. These look so good, I love white chocolate and strawberries. Never tried making blondies, I've made brownies guess its not that different just never seemed to have done it! Must rectify that at some point and I shall be using this recipe :) thanks for sharing.

    1. Cheers! Glad you like the idea... Let me know if you like them if you do end up making them :)

  2. Saving this one for the next time I have left over strawberries. Right now I have raspberries and need an alternative for the dark choc brownies, so doing a variation on the theme....

  3. They were *rather* popular: http://www.thecotswoldfoodyear.com/2014/04/2014-to-z-blogging-challenge-b-is-for.html